Sunday, August 05, 2007

my old campusa lab to remember..

Yesterday was one exhausting day. I played tennis with a friend, yes I never grabbed a racket since my early day in college and could be concluded that I never played tennis. For a guy with his sport merely part of swinging mouse on mouse pad, I think I was doing well. Although my sport mostly consist on picking up balls out of court and avoiding fast service ace.

But perhaps yesterday could be my first and last game with him, soon He will be continue his study abroad, and wouldn't be back for another two or three years. It was his dream for years and just last month he received his scholarship to one of top university in Taiwan.

Speaking of college, I remembered my old college lab. A bit gloomy and dark, yet I spent most of my study time there. Smell of ethane and sweet fragrance of molasses dominated the room, but I loved it. Back then when the funding is scarce and minimum even my lab as Microbiology and Biotechnology lab didn't have any modern equipment. I even use candle and simple box as breeding chamber, and cheap Lysol as disinfectant. But with all its limitations, I still missed working in it.

my dreams :
1. Owning my own laboratory

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