Friday, August 03, 2007

walking alone gone by so fast..

Five years gone in a blink. Each day seems turning faster and faster. Every one is moving with speed of light and then there was me moving in slow motion.

Maybe I enjoyed this pace way too much.

For me, realizing my greatest happiness was accompanied by friends. Having accommodate with warmth and peaceful companion of familiar faces is truly life's greatest gift.
I have known few people, whom I knew have a lot of friend, manage to overcome even the most tragic tragedy in their lives.
One friend, a lab technician in poultry company, claimed that he had to talk to no less than five friends in a day basis. He would sent text messages, emails, calls people, any kind of communication he could think of.

I find it hard to copies his interesting yet noble act. But deep in my heart, I realized maybe it was the key to happiness in life. Having networks of friend is had to be my biggest goals in life. Today I got mail from oprah website stating there was a new book published about self improvement and overcoming worries in life. But unfortunately I still addicted to "not buying anything" ideas from Judith levine, maybe I'll opt not to buy it.

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