Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Do honest people still exist ?

Being presented by almost nothing but bad news from the media, at one point most of us felt this world is in one downhill slide. Crimes that gets more brutal and harsh everyday, corrupt politicians, poverty and modern day slavery, terrorist, any kind of ill inflicted and saddening event could took place. Everywhere I go, the first thing everyone was talking if it is not the weather is the pessimism about the world.
Sometimes I wonder how on earth the world didn't collapsed ?, if we were in the brink of destruction don't you think we should be at least preparing a last resort of some kind? Some people said that this world starting to end, but I remembered some people already said that ten years ago. If everything was about to crumble, why is that our neighboring countries, China and India or Thai, survive the 1997 economic disaster and having enormous economic growth ever since.
But yesterday I found an interesting articles on my ongoing question. It's a global phone test, it's when you deliberately put your mobile in public places and forgot to put it back in your purse. While observing from distant, the volunteer would call the phone if some one grab the phone and politely asked them if they would return the phone. The test took place in major cities around the globe.
Despite the bad things that were exposed by the media, the outcome is heartwarming and a bit shocking. In most Asian cities as high as 68% of the phone were returned to its rightful owner. The noble person came from almost entirely different background. Even extreme poverty didn't persuade people to claim objects that doesn't belongs to them, in one event a homeless man immediately returned the phone while there was a seemingly rich guy doesn't hesitate to grab the phone and switch it off.
more about this global test in RDasia.com

too bad they didn't include any of Indonesian cities in the test,

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