Friday, June 15, 2007


Almost everybody in this world had very much the same dream. Raising family on their own, respected and well paid job. Being worked in respected environment let them feel secure and proud. I have the same dreams too. Married in the age of twenty five , having a child the following year, steady job and promising career ahead of me.But soon i realized that life does not necessarily follow your plans. Life can be somewhat irony to someone, losing your loves one , not getting your dream job , etc. In mine, there were several sets back that put me in the place i am right now. My motto in life is always " never dreams too high, keep it real". Dreams, are meant to be too high. That is what i realized right now. I sacrificed my entire future in dreaming small. I turn down many opportunities because I was afraid I was gonna fail. Today even though the opportunities are scarce, I try to embrace them as hard as I can. But I believe success can be achieved by hard work and perseverance, nothing good will come up from not doing anything.
Question :
1. What can be inferred from the passage above ? Is the writer an hard working person or just plain lazy ?

2. What does it takes to achieves your dreams ?
3. Don’t you just hated when a loser write a blog about how to get to your dreams ? ( don’t answer that )

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