Friday, June 15, 2007

Today i have made a decision.
I 'll use this blog to write short stories , kind like the one you find in J.W alexander book, about anything crossed my mind. In english of course, since it's also be a good learning playground for me. Since i am not very good in english, so mind my languange !

linux and i
Like most indonesian, I had been using pirated software and operating system for years. But the luxuries we had is about to end. Yesterday my PC crashed due to virus attack, and like many tech geek wise guy I choose to use extreme prejudice to dealt with the problem. I formatted the hard drive !. Smilingly I inserted the pirated Windows to my PC, to my surprise I got error message constantly. I checked the disc and discovered horrifying truth, the disc had an immense amount of scratch and barely read by the CDROM. Still I was not disheartened, to think I could buy another disc with ease. Anyway I rushed to the Cd vendor but I was shocked beyond imagination, every pirated CD vendor in the largest IT store had gone. I asked around and someone said that the police came earlier and rounded them up. Knowing the danger, I rushed to go home. Perhaps this is the time for me to explored my pile of old Linux CD. This is going to be frustrating life from now, but I 'll live.

question :
1. What can be inferred about Indonesian people ?
2. What do you think the writer is gonna do next, is he going to use linux ? or going back to redmont county ?

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