Saturday, June 16, 2007


Most of us already know what is it that made us happy, maybe more money, good health or prestige in work. Things like new cellular phones, new car, clothes, etc.Maybe to some people happiness can be found in sort of things. But some people said that true happiness not necessarily about how big your bank accounts. Happiness is not noun but merely a verb, meaning you should work towards it. A large amount of cash is always exciting to have, but if you earn every single penny of it than happiness could be yours.Recently I bought an electronic gadget with a considerable amount of money ( to me that is ), but I didn’t feel happy about it. But days later a friend asked me to lend him some money for his sick child. The amount is exactly the same, yet I feel a thousand time more happy to give him the money than buying silly things. But I am not the happiest person that you’ll cross on the street, I still struggle for life necessities on daily basis. Living from paycheck to paycheck, has left me in distress sometimes. But I considered my self lucky for good health, ability to make small money, few loyal friend and some one to share.

Question :

1. Do you think the writer is happy? or he just simply depressed ?
2. What makes you happy ?

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