Monday, June 18, 2007

Wedding Invitation
Most of my friend are already married by now, most of them invite me to their wedding via phones. Maybe some of them even bother to made invitation cards. Invitation card generally used when the wedding take place in "out of town" places. I often got lost on my way to the wedding due to unclear maps.
In my early years of employment, friends wedding was huge, highly anticipated moments. It required long preparation, hotel booking, gift wrapping, etc. Friends from around the globe confirms their availability for the wedding. In the mean time transportion were also considerable interest. We rent cars, busses, anything to got to the ceremony in time.
But years goes by, more and more friend were getting married. I even got an invitation twice a week. With more of us already married, number of friends attendding the wedding decrease gradually. Most of the people found excuse in works, their child, to skip the wedding. They not even care if the wedding was held a block away from their domicile. It was saddening and disheartening for me, to see a community once so solid and tight is breaking apart . I always thought that we will be friends no matter what, but life doesn't want you to had the luxury of friends forever.

I even doubted that anyone will show up in my wedding.
Question :
1. From the passage above, can you tell about the writer, is he married or not ?
2. Did the writer plan to have a wedding soon ?
3. Will anyone come to his wedding ?

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