Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wanda the fish

My passion on linux ended when I graduated from college, thinking about my time will be much more useful finding a perfect job. And now five years later, still unable to find a decent job, I begin to seek refuge for my unraveling life in past forgotten passion.

Linux world certainly had changed a lot, the last distribution I was using was Red Hat 7.2 .
But Red hat had change their distribution to fedora, well I guess you can't be a company and pretending that you support open source software and wants nothing from your customers.
And the people within the right tracks, I must say were Ubuntu distribution. They were free and updates are regularly scheduled.
Things that fascinate me is that how easy the installation. Since I tried the ubuntu not kubuntu or xubuntu , it was packed with gnome desktop.

And what brings me most joy was the little applet called wanda the fish, i love the fish from ages ago and gladly a lot of people felt the same way.

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