Saturday, February 09, 2008

gift for me

This month luckily I got a $30 extra money, and soon overwhelmed feeling cover my days.
I wonder what to buy with that amount of money, when I think about computer parts the only thing worth to buy is an DVD drive. But I already had an DVD room...
So I thought i should buy one for my old xbox
, but I rarely play it ...since Microsoft decided to stop supporting this wonderful piece of machinery.

But my agonizing battle has come to an end, I bought a small and cheap samsung mobile phone. And I gave it away to puput . She was a little girl from our old neighborhood. Though she come from less fortunate family, but her enthusiasm and spirit always high. She was smart and thoughtful person, she always get excellent marks in her school and that include sports. Anna and I love her like our own little sister.
She was happy and I was happier ,
I just hope that I could give her more .. but I thought with a mobile phone we never had to lose contact with her .

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