Friday, December 07, 2007

fast logo

It's 12 pm in the night when I got a call from a friend.
"I need a logo for annual gathering of my company, and I need it first thing tommorow
"what kind of logo ? I reluctantly asked
"some thing about bali "
" How would I know a thing about Bali ?"
"You're Balinese, for crying out loud ! "

Being born Balinese, doesn't give me any talents or taste in arts. For your information, if you had no art sense at all growing up in Bali could be painful. I remembered as a child, I was considered a geek. I cannot draw something beautiful, cannot dance ( I got bent fingers so I got kicked out from dance class ), cannot sing or performs musical instruments.
But that was in the past, today I think it's just like any other place.
Still exhausted and mind numbed , I minimize the movie screen and start to scratch the mouse.
And soon after I went to sleep, hardly remembered a thing.
in the morning I sent it without even look into the result.

well. here is the logo that I created

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