Sunday, December 02, 2007

emotionally crippled

emotional feelingsUnable to decide things was always been my major flaw,
up till now I still tend to postponed every " in dire need of firm decision " thing in my life. I was left with insecurities and overwhelmed feeling when comes to decision time.

I was affraid if I decided on my undoing, I still do.
But having it put aside and neglected won't solve anything only created another problems.
I just wished that I eventually would find my courage and do something in this short life.

I don't want to ends up as old man and fill with regrets


Joanna said...

First, your work is beautiful! The simple palette leaves room for the emotion behind them to come through. Great work.

Second, whenever I feel the way you've described, I try my best to wrench myself away and focus on someone else. It's the best way I've found to forget (and even defeat) my insecurities and emotional injury.

Best of luck to you!

putu said...

thanks a lot joanna, even though we never met but your words truly were savior of the day.