Sunday, August 12, 2007

road tripRoad trip

Today I just got back from two days road trip. It started simple as visiting a family friend, she just lost his father because of heart attack, in another city. But when we were on our way home, a friend who was in the car with us suggested we shouldn't be driving all night back to our city. Since none of us was adventurous enough, the idea seemed like a hard challenge. First we needed to find an Inn, hotels, or guest house within our budget.As night grew older and because we argued all the time, finding even a simple bedding establishment started to look impossible. After another round of argument finally we found a perfect spot only to found it fully booked for next three days. In fact the manager told us to reconsider our little "adventure", due to long weekend almost every hotel in town were booked. But thanks Lord , the manager with his loving and kindness called his friend in another hotel and got us a quick, non refundable reservation. We immediately accepted his kind help. The hotel was okay, just plain go to bed, we are sorry about the shower kind of hotel.
Everything was simply great, if only I knew road trip was this exciting I would have done it more in my oblivious youth. I haven't got the time to upload all the pictures from the road trip, but I had uploaded some of it. It was placed here. I remembered about one movie that I love most, the 2005 movie Elizabeth Town, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. The movie was much of controversy, you will end up loving it or simply hated it. For a small village origins like myself most likely would love the movie,
I think everyone should take road trip at least once in their life.

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