Sunday, August 19, 2007

Independence Day

independence dayIndonesian Independence Day is on 17Th of August. The founding father, Sukarno and Hatta, declared the national independence on August 17Th 1945. I wouldn't say they proclaimed the Independence even though the declaration was translated to Indonesian as "proklamasi" ( is it originate from proclamation ? ). Anyway enough about that, what I was trying to emphasize that each year since the collapse of "Soeharto regime" the joy of people celebrating independence Day is diminishing. Each year there's negative sentiments or pessimism about whether we were truly free or not in every media. The TV station that focused on News like Metro TV outlined that we weren't free yet. That we are not free from poverty, modern slavery, neo - imperialism, foreign debts, unemployment,etc. On the other hand every other TV station, Independence day means more singing show, bands show, presenters wearing red and white, anything that could lure the audience from the their agony and hardship in life. I don't know which was worst, even if I do know what's the point ? . Nothing gonna change in this country, corruption would still be the buzz word among the government officials. All I know that tomorrow I would still have to go to work, and knowing that some of my neck strangling tax money would go to their pocket.

In Soeharto's era we maybe had less than we are right now, but Independence Day meant proud and joy back then. When we heard the National Anthem we would immediately stood up, and sing along. And praise the youngster whom had been chosen to carry the National Flag at the Freedom Palace.
We were blinded by doctrine and suppressing government, but now when the blindfold were lifted up I think some of us don't like what we see.

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