Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Use something in front of you !

After days of unemployment I started to became grumpier than ever, and even more agitated.
" Is something wrong ? " a friend asked
No, just that I cannot seem to find a suitable job for myself " I answered
" who does ? " He said " Let me tell you something, no one find a suitable job ! "
huh ?" I was starting to wonder
" You use Internet everyday, don't you ? "
Yes, indeed I have "
" Maybe you could use the Internet to look for whatever is that you looking for "
He's right !, I never use the Internet to look for jobs or anything useful. Maybe its time to start a new search.

Is there anyone out there could help me ?

1 comment:

aprian said...

Our problem is how to deal with the unperfectnes of our job.

Perfect is only our state of mind.. ;)