Thursday, July 19, 2007

I need a Brain exercise !

for the past few days I locked myself in my room, trying to beat my girl in this stupid Nds game. It was Big Brain Academy ( you could grab its reviews here ), the game aimed to frustrated you with tons of test. It claimed it was good for your brain, well I'm not quite sure about the brain part but I am sure frustrated right now. My girl anna has an unprecedented record: 1485 points ! , and that according to the game matched a brain of a rockets scientist.

After days of pain and hard thinking I finally gave up, my best score was 1010 points, and I constantly got bad marks in memorize and compute . It was a wake up call for me, I had to face the hard and harsh truth. She is smarter and faster than me ! Geez all this time I thought I was the brainy one.

1 comment:

Devi said...

Hehe.. I've been there! Addicted to some games and always seek for the best score. Luckily I've completed the whole levels of the game LOL. Nice try anyway. Good luck! ;)