Thursday, June 28, 2007

hard road to glory

Today i got my self a job in some waste water treatment company. The salary were bad, minimum wage. When they offered me the contract, I wonder if they miss a zero in their contract. But after years of self employment and occasional works maybe this is as good as it gets. I wonder what kind of work that I will do?, is it gonna be a back breaking, non stop, never have time to talk right now kind of job ?. I just wish I still have the time to do my side job to earn extra cash, cause with that kind of salary I am as good as a bump.
I wish that I am put up with this kind of work, though I think it's a little too late. Maybe this life taking its toll. after years of minimum work and good pay this is the beginning of new era. A hard but necessary era.

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erwita said...

blognya keren, karikaturnya gambar ndiri? eh bener keren deh, skalian aku numpang belajar bahasa inggris ya...