Saturday, June 30, 2007

Faith and Perseverance

Yesterday I found an inspiring video clips, which was story about Lena Maria Klingvall ( did i type it correctly ?) ,
here is a piece of information i got about her

Lena Maria Klingvall

Lena Maria was born in 1968. Although she was functionally disabled, having no arms and only one healthy leg, Lena Maria's parents brought her up as an ordinary child. She started to train swimming when she was three years old and already in her late teens Lena Maria participated in many international swimming championships for the disabled representing Sweden and won medals many times. The highlight of her swimming career was her participation in the 1988 Paralympic games in Seoul. Also her musical talent is remarkable and already at the age of five she became a regular member of a local church choir. After finishing a special high school for musical studies, she enrolled at the prestigious Royal Music Academy of Stockholm. She started her career as a gospel singer in '91 and made her first concert tour of Japan in '92. Since then she has almost on a yearly basis been back in Japan for concert tours and her message of love and hope has moved an ever increasing number of people.

the video itself showed me how faith and determination could become unprecedented strength despite of physical imperfection. It does make me feel shame for myself, I never realize how great the gifts that God has granted me. And still I had no courage and perseverance to pursue my dreams.

God bless everyone who had created this wonderful videos.

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