Thursday, May 03, 2007

i'm beginning to find my comfort of some sort
i've come to notice this book from last week oprah shows
to my dismay this is actually an 2003 published book by judith levine
This book tells us that life in modern world isnot neccessarily about buying stuffs.
The writer spent a year without buying things except for daily neccesities ( food, toilet paper , etc ).
Today is my first week attempt to some how copying the writer effort ..
to tell you the truth..
it's hard .. really hard...
but i found some sort of comfort ...
knowing that I if go to the book store, my intentions was to read books not to buy and stocks them.
I look at the gaming and electronics stores, enjoying the sight and the sophisticated items but with no urge to posses them.
I admire the latest cell phone with all the stunning picture but i would not spend a dime to bought them.
It is so refreshing ...

NDS mini ( nintendo dual screen ) white :....   no i wouldn't buy it
Superman 3 movies : hell no
Harry potter last book : nope , i'm tired of reading
time magazine, reader digest : no, i think i will read news paper at coofe shop
clothes : not a chance, i wash and use my old ones
expensive food, fast food : no, unless anyone else is buying

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