Wednesday, April 30, 2008

pen tablet

Since I got my hands on tablet ( stylus thing that supposedly replaced your mouse ), I got sore arm and bruised. Since I could only afford the cheapest thing ( terratec pen tablet ), you could grab it under $25. I try to draw some thing in Macromedia flash but this thing lack of sensitivity but works fine in adobe illustrator. I guess I need to rely more in adobe . If you ever wanted a pen tablet and the budget are tight go for Genius pen tablet ($ 48 ) or if you seriously needed this thing find the master : Wacom Intous . Its pricey but surely worth every cents. Meanwhile I have to compromise and persevere through this and more likely r I'll try find some solitude in my relationship with this terratec.

But I manage to create a blog header through this agonizing relationship . check it out here   

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