Wednesday, March 12, 2008

facing my fear

Yesterday run into an old friend of mine, and after long series of chit-chat he revealed that now he was into computer software business, owning his own software development team and a prestigious office. 
The thing that struck me the most is that he actually living my dreams. I dreamt that someday I would be able to ran my own business, but it seemed somehow I was distracted and moving in wrong direction along the way.

maybe I didn't have enough courage to face my own fear and become the person I wanted to be.


aprian said...

why you not persuiting your dream? wake up and do what u must do, even for just a small step forward tu... ;)

johnorford said...

i wonder what u have to fear? take risks, lots of risks, but ty to make sure they only have a small downside but a large poss upside...

that's my mantra for this month anyways :):)