Monday, February 18, 2008

kite Runner

Though the movie kite runner may leave you with distressed feeling, the kite flying scene were amazing. How did they do that ? It brings back childhood memories in me. Kite flying in Bali were complex and takes lot of man power since the kite sometimes insanely large. Every village has their village kite and it was treated with much respect. It represent the economic welfare of the village, because of the cost in building such kite. Not to mention the flying in paddy field requires dozens of men to hold the rope. But my village and any surrounding village had stop building a large kite years ago since the government told us that kite are a threat for airplane.

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mynameisnia said...

ternyata filmnya mengingatkan dengan masa kecil ya? kalo saya sih suka filmnya walopun ngga mengingatkan dengan apapun. heheh.

tengs ya udah dateng ke blog saya.