Thursday, January 31, 2008

rain and raindrops.. lots of them

From the beginning I knew there was something horribly wrong with the house that we living in. From pests problems to water leakage, you name it.
But none of them surpasses this week agonizing moment. Our neighbor decided that she could built up her house and well she did, but the ongoing progress in her place meant only one thing.
We had to bear with some collateral damages from a steadfast development of her residence.
Water leakage worsen and one day one of her worker drops a hammer in our roof, and since we only available at night they didn't fell have to tell us let alone fix them.
And this week it was raining hard, in my hard earned-short sleep I could feel a splashing of water in my face.
I turn on the light and immediately petrified from what I saw, the wall was drenched with water and the floor was awfully wet. I tried to get everything out of the room, and evacuate to next room.
Since it was in the middle of the night, i calmed my self and get another sleep.

And I dreamt something about buying AK 47 and grenade launcher

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