Thursday, November 22, 2007

Love all around

For the past few days anger was my buzz word
Everywhere I turned, I see people who were piss off by me. Some for understandably reason but some are just too outrageous to bear with. And just like any normal Indonesian, I responded in even more gruesome behavior. Right now in this city ( Surabaya ) people are getting more and more intolerant towards others, maybe it had something to do with the heat........scorched earth if I may say . Not even a single drop of rain in November. Every morning when I get to work, I see people arguing and cursing when the traffic jammed. Motorcycle roams the streets and everyone was thinking they were motoGP racer in their 100 cc bike.
The streets more and more crowded everyday, thanks to finance company offering low down payment for a motor bike, leaving this city even more polluted and hot.

Global warming?
We're melting here .

But if it rain I would not like it either.
Rain means flood, diseases like blood fever, typhus even bird flu .

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aprian said...

Gak cuma sby kok tu, bali jg gitu skarang. Tambah rame,tambah banyak orang aneh2, tambah edan lah. Mana makin panas banget gini pula! Percuma jg ngeluh, jd nikmatin ajah. Kali2 jd banyak ce yg pake bikini biar gak kepanasan.. hahahhaha