Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why You even bother go to work ...

Yesterday I went out with an old friend, he was a young sales rep in one of the top leading chemical company. We talked about good old days, when things were more simple than it is now. And then subject about jobs popped out. He said he never worked long hours, keeping his salary at minimum. He always come home from work when most of us still linger in office duties. He told me that time is the most rewarding in life,
" why you even bother spent your life for everyone Else's happiness ? " he said
" I believe that time for your family is worth thousand times more than money "
To me he always has been a role model, having a successful career, having raised a lovely family and yet still manage to play with his family.

Earlier that day I had watched TV shows about the meaning of wealth and success to you. In this capitalism worlds where people were marching to sacrifice their joys for the company, the ideas of wealth and happiness seems to go to an opposite direction . Why did I go to work everyday, busting bone for people that hardly knew my name. Working is great, of course it is, but if I could choose I would rather sit down playing my newly bought Nintendo Ds. Finally I could afford it, but the thing is that I don't have time to play it...
I remembered a year ago, a friend of mine, she was a young trainee in large company with a bright promising career. But when she got married she gave it all up. Even though I didn't have anything to do with her, but I still feel disappointed by her decision. But now, having worked for years and with this dead end job, I felt sorry for myself and began to admire her bravery. Sometimes life offered you a choice that you will have to decide. A choice that you could spent your life just to think about it, or you just simply choose and live with the consequences.

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