Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maduratna Barber shop

In Surabaya there are a lot of barber shop that runs its business independently, not part of major big barber companies. If you are not a woman or guys that care about your look, every time you wish to cut your hair this kind of barber is your only option. The charge has never changed for the last ten years, and the haircut style mostly like that we had ten years ago.
Last week due to my economic declining status I went to one of particular barber, despite my limited self esteem I always love my hair. But I wanted to change my life, and I thought change of hairstyle would be the first step. I sat on the chair and almost immediately regretted my decision. The barber started to cut my hair, humming a popular song without even said a single word.
" Don't you gonna asked me first about the hair style ? " I softly asked him
" Oh, sorry .. and what style that you had in mind ? " he answered
" I dunno .. do you have any suggestion ?
" Maybe like one of the pictures?" he added
I looked at the pictures and horrified by them, they were late 90's pictures with hair style looked like Richard Mark or Duran-Duran wannabes.
" No, Just cut it short then " I reluctantly replied
After 30 minutes or so , the waiting was over and I slowly looked my reflection in the mirror. He had cut my hair way too short. I thought now I could started a life as Shaolin monk.

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