Friday, June 22, 2007

one day in bank

Yesterday I went to the bank, I wanted to deposit some money into my oblivious account. Since it was 9.00 am there weren't many people there. There were 5 people infront of me in queue, which was reasonably fine. I reckoned two person infront of me carried a large amount of money since they bring two large duffle bag. The first person had a considerable amount of money as well, I could only guess it was more than 10 grand. As matter a fact none of them carried small dough. Actually I never would have cared about how good life has been to them, but it seems to take forever for the teller to counted every penny. I had stood for more than half an hour but
I was still number 3 of the line. When it came to my chance, the exhausted teller quickly drew my form and money.

teller : " You would like to deposit, right ?
Me : Yes , please
teller : Let me count your money first
Me : ( I was embarrased) It wouldn't be necessary , you see it's not much
teller : It's okay, I have to do it anyway, company policy .
Me : ( sigh) allright then
teller :( in rather loud voice ) Okay Mr. Putu, your account number ********* , you wish to deposit 25 dollar to your account. Okay... it's already confirmed. It's there anything else we could do ?
Me : ( sigh again ) No, you have done enough. Thank you, miss

I knew that it was their company policies to counted every money, but having it said loudly really ruined my day. Especially when everybody noticing it.

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Barry said...

I wonder why she never understood a word privacy means. Hmm..