Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i luv soup

One thing that got me going everyday in life is soup. I don't know why .. just called it unhealthy obsession if you will , but a hot soup with scrambled egg in the morning just one thing i fell gratrful for. Though it is not sold in a healthy clean let alone cozy place. But i found it to be the best soup i had for years. Warm and the fresh smell of garlic and onion, combined with strong taste of mixed vegetables in it. A glass of hot tea and a plate of rice complete my everyday meal.

my regular soup
price : IDR 3500 ( drinks incl)

And one day my friend persuaded me to have dinner with her ,
" you cannot eat at the same place twice a day for years" she exclaims
" it's not healthy and i worried about you"
well i guess a little changes wouldn't hurt anybody
So that particular evening we had our dinner in some japanese restaurant, i ordered what else miso soup. As long it's soup i thought to my self. And it's the cheapest of all the food there.
And to my dismay it tasted horrible, its strange flavour and scent are more than i could bear ..
And the price is 5 time the price of the regular soup i eat everyday.

miso soup ( IDR 16500 , drinks not include )

My friend never asked me to go out with her again, knowing that i would impugn the food we ordered.
And i continue to eat the same soup everyday,

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