Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another interview gone wrong
Got another call for interview this morning
dammit, why did everytime I got precious call something had to be gone awfully wrong. I totally forgot one thing, I don't have any shoes since the last one that I threw out to the garbage can. Buying new shoes ? where on earth there is a shoe shop opened in 7.00 in the morning. Given I had the interview 8.00, ... but I go anyway. With a pair of my old casual shoes ..to think maybe no one will notice my lacks of care in public appearance.I was wrong..everyone in that office notice it and I mean everybody ,the security, the front office lady the manager, even the office boy take a glance of my shoes and their eyes tell their disgust in me. I need not tell you how the interview goes, hiks. Anyway I made the picture above, hopefully I could make more of it in my vast amount of free time

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