Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm still depressed
and the overwhelmed feeling linger in my heart
i watched TV all day
and wonder if it would be okay if i just stood still
would anything be okay eventually if i just left ?
i read something on reader digest ( the only book i purchased this month ) ,

what is it that you fear the most ? regret of failure ?
It is in a story about a woman making fortune in shoes business

I must say i fear regret, i never fear failure since i never had an opportunity to fight for something.
I fear that i would be someone grow old with no accomplishment in life, complaining about weather, goverment etc

and the fear grew stronger and the danger is imminent ...
this is it .
my life would end in a whimper
what a laugh ..

well enough about me

how is life treating you lately ?

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