Tuesday, April 03, 2007

finally i could get rid of the erikimo virus from my computer
thanks to PCMav RC14 download it here
it's free and fast too, good for local virusses.

found a reply from long lost friend :

i.rianasari@.....net.de wrote:

> Hi Put, >
> Thanks bgt atas greeting-nya. Seneng banget masih> ada yang diluar keluarga inget ama ultahku . Ultah> mu kapan siy ??? (jadi malu nih )>
> ----- original Nachricht -------->
> Betreff: Re: Met Nyepi> Gesendet: So 25 Mär 2007 11:43:13 CEST

wish we could see each other again

Today probably the laziest day of my life.
Just sleeping all day long with no plans for tomorrow.
was it good ?
No, it was not, not even a little bit

Tomorrow i'll do everything at once
will it be good ?
Let just see about that tomorrow

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