Monday, October 30, 2006


It all began with a small request from a friend, since the constant and persistent continued to grow I volunteered myself to joined him in his quest for love. So we started 2 hours drive to Malang city, hoping that a girl whom he met a couple of months ago would be in her home in this time of holidays. Though I seriously doubted that she 'll be around, i managed to drag myself out of my bed and gloriously marched into the battle field. But truth be told , spending hours to watch him try to win girls affection is the last thing that i had in my holidays to do list. So i whispered to him " just drop me to nearest mall and i'll wander around for few hours". And the nearest mall is this Araya Plaza in Malang. To my dismay it's rather small in the inside, it took me exactly 10 minutes to go around that place. . After a series of victory in Timezone gaming zone ( the only attraction in this place ), i won a pencil,a rubber and a sweet smile from the girl in the counter. I finally walking in the dept. store buying things that i didn't need. And soon afterwards my perseverance ran dry, so i walked reluctanly to leave this mall.
But on my way out i found a small group of band playing jazzy music. The music is kind of good with much of improvisations , so i order some food and started my musical and enchanted night. THe band is actually a group of talented musicians. They even had a guy played saks , to add my perfect night the food had a fair price.
Great food and good music more than anything that i wished for. It's fun and i laughed alot that night. Anyway shortly after my friend came and the band sang its last song. On the way home he kept telling me how great his evening was, how he met his girlfriend families and the response he got from them. With a smile hanging in my face , I said " i had a great evening too "
He wonderously ask " How ? did you meet someone ?" But soon he forgot the question and started to talk again about his girlfriend.

But soon the smell of LAPINDO mud started to fill the air, and the silent grew while we watched white smoke rose to the sky...

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